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  • How do I schedule a session with you, and what platform do you use for online domination sessions?
    Scheduling a session with me is simple! You can reach out via skype at - live:.cid.85f46811e0339651 or whatsapp at +44 7360 630410 to discuss availability and book your desired time slot. As for the platform used for online domination sessions, I primarily utilize skype, whatsapp, facetime and snapchat due to its user-friendly interface and security features.
  • How are sessions timed and how do I pay for extra time?
    All sessions are timed from the moment you answer the call, if you wish to add extra time see rate on price list (per minute) I then start a stopwatch and send you a photo after the session of the extra time taken, pay this immediately after session ends.
  • What currency’s can I pay in through wishtender?
    ARS: $ (Argentine Peso) AUD: $ (Australian Dollar) BOB: Bs (Bolivian Boliviano) BRL: R$ (Brazilian Real) BGN: лв (Bulgarian Lev) CAD: $ (Canadian Dollar) CLP: $ (Chilean Peso) CNY: ¥ (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) COP: $ (Colombian Peso) CRC: ₡ (Costa Rican Colón) CZK: Kč (Czech Koruna) DKK: kr (Danish Krone) DOP: RD$ (Dominican Peso) XCD: $ (East Caribbean Dollar) EGP: E£ (Egyptian Pound) EUR: € (Euro) HKD: $ (Hong Kong Dollar) HUF: Ft (Hungarian Forint) ISK: kr (Icelandic Króna) INR: ₹ (Indian Rupee) IDR: Rp (Indonesian Rupiah) ILS: ₪ (Israeli New Shekel) JPY: ¥ (Japanese Yen) KES: KSh (Kenyan Shilling) MKD: ден (Macedonian Denar) MYR: RM (Malaysian Ringgit) MXN: $ (Mexican Peso) MAD: د.م. (Moroccan Dirham) NZD: $ (New Zealand Dollar) NGN: ₦ (Nigerian Naira) NOK: kr (Norwegian Krone) PYG: ₲ (Paraguayan Guarani) PEN: S/ (Peruvian Sol) PHP: ₱ (Philippine Peso) PLN: zł (Polish Zloty) GBP: £ (British Pound Sterling) RON: lei (Romanian Leu) RUB: ₽ (Russian Ruble) RWF: FRw (Rwandan Franc) RSD: дин. (Serbian Dinar) SGD: $ (Singapore Dollar) ZAR: R (South African Rand) KRW: ₩ (South Korean Won) SEK: kr (Swedish Krona) CHF: Fr. (Swiss Franc) THB: ฿ (Thai Baht) TTD: TT$ (Trinidad and Tobago Dollar) TRY: ₺ (Turkish Lira) AED: د.إ (UAE Dirham) USD: $ (US Dollar) UYU: $U (Uruguayan Peso) VND: ₫ (Vietnamese Dong)
  • I am new to the lifestyle and this will be my first session with a dominatrix am I in the right place?
    Wonderful, you came to the right place to start your journey within exploring kink. I am know to be a sensual dominatrix I use my feminine powers and maternal instincts to calm your nerves and guide you to the safe space that is learning more about yourself in a way that makes you feel cared for and comfortable.
  • Whats the most discrete way to pay so that my wife won’t be suspicious when looking at the bank statements?
    Wishtender. On your bank statements it will say either wish tender or wish tender LLC. It is anonymous for both parties, receiving and sending.
  • What is your pricing structure for online domination sessions?
    My pricing structure for online domination sessions varies depending on the duration of the session. Please contact me directly to discuss pricing details based on your specific preferences.
  • Can I request custom sessions tailored to my specific desires and fantasies?
    Absolutely! I welcome custom session requests from clients looking to explore their unique fantasies in a safe and controlled setting. Feel free to communicate your preferences, limits, and desired outcomes so that we can craft a personalized experience that meets your needs.
  • What is wishtender?
    It’s a worldwide accepted payment platform. The platform offers anonymity by allowing users to create wishlists without revealing personal information and supports secure payment methods through major credit and debit cards. To send money through wish tender you must sign up and create an account to send.
  • What platforms can we do video calls on? And which are the most successful options for video and audio calls?
    Skype both audio and video / WhatsApp messenger both audio and video / FaceTime for those who have iPhones both audio and video/ snapchat both audio and video / google meet video only / zoom both audio and video. The most successful for clients who do not want to talk or have there video on would be for them to use there laptop and Skype. All around general use for mobile phones would be WhatsApp messenger.
  • Do you have any specific specialties or fetishes that you cater to?
    While I am well-versed in a wide array of BDSM practices, I specialise in Traditional Femdom and Fetish. Rest assured that I can cater to your unique desires with professionalism and creativity.
  • How experienced are you in the field of domination and BDSM?
    I have been actively involved in the world of domination and BDSM since the year of 2020 as a professional, around 8 years exploring independently , gaining valuable experience and expertise along the way. Throughout my career, I have honed my skills, knowledge, and understanding of various kinks and fetishes to provide a fulfilling experience for my clients.
  • What privacy and security measures are in place to protect communication and intellectual property during digital sessions?
    I will never contact you first. All messages and photos are wiped automatically from all my devices every 12h for safety. No one should record or take screen-captures or photos during sessions. This is copyright infringement and is illegal, for those obtaining this material will be criminalised and receive a penalty from my solicitor.
  • How do online sessions work?
    Client contacts me and asks if I am available for a session, once confirmed client sends payment and we start the session after discussing what will happen in the session. Session begins and so does the timer. One minute before the timer ends I will inform you time is running out and if you wish to finish the session or extend the time on a stopwatch. Once the session ends I will send you a photo of the stop watch and you must pay the remainder right away. New clients do not get the luxury of the stopwatch option for them the call will end on time and they must send additional amount of payment to continue the call if they need more time.
  • How can I book an online session?
    You can contact me on the following to book a session with me on the time of requested session or book in advance. WhatsApp only - +44 7360 630410 Make sure to add the +44 it’s the United Kingdom country code. Skype - live:.cid.85f46811e0339651 Name is MistressVir If neither of these contact methods work for you please communicate that with me by filling out the book now form and I will share other contact methods once we begin communication.
  • How do you ensure the safety and privacy of your clients during online sessions?
    The safety and privacy of my clients are paramount concerns for me. To ensure a secure environment during our online sessions, I implement strict confidentiality measures, use secure communication platforms, and prioritize clear boundaries and consent throughout our interactions. Please speak to me directly if you have any questions.
  • What platforms can I pay through?
    For UK clients they can send me money for sessions through a direct bank transfer (request my banking information by contacting me) For international clients always checking my websites home page (pay now button) redirects you to my current preferred payment method also accept tips through onlyfans and loyayfans. I sometimes accept payment as a E-giftcard for
  • What if I know that I want a session but I don’t know where to start as in what to try?
    Communication is the most important thing in the world to me. Having a regular chat about this is going to help me decide what we can do in the session. I pride myself on making sections for others based on what they have told me so far about themselves. I regularly decided what we do in session with clients that don’t know what they want.
  • What services do you offer as an online dominatrix?
    As an online dominatrix, I offer a wide range of services tailored to fulfill various BDSM fantasies and desires. These services may include but are not limited to: humiliation of all sorts Financial domination Foot worship Role-playing scenarios Bondage and discipline Tease and denial Sissification Cuckolding The list goes on … I strive to create a safe and consensual environment where clients can explore their submissive tendencies under my guidance.
  • What countries can I use your services from?
    Any! For those where pornography is banned you don’t need a VPN because at least one of my methods to communicate wont be banned in your country so you will be easily Able to have sessions with me.
  • How do I go about scheduling a session with a time zone reference and pre-booking deposit information?
    You may wish to pre book a session with a date and time that suits you, ask me for my time zone as I travel internationally, deposit is (40) to pre book and will be deducted from total session price. View bottom of price list for more info.
  • Are there any rules or guidelines I should be aware of before engaging in a session with you?
    Before engaging in a session with me, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with some basic rules and guidelines that ensure mutual respect, safety, and enjoyment during our interactions. These may include: Clear communication about boundaries Asking questions so that you have an opportunity to learn this is best before and after a session. Discretion regarding personal information By adhering to these guidelines, we can create an enriching experience together while prioritizing safety and satisfaction.
  • How do video calls work?
    You can use the above video call methods the same way the webcam site is used for example you do not have to have your camera or sound on, you can type to me if that is your preference, please let me know before the session takes place.
  • How long should my first video call with you be?
    Everyone is different and it really depends on what the session entails if you would like more than 2-3 things in the session then I would suggest 30mins to start normally the time decreases when we session again in the future this is because you as a client know what to expect and understand how this all works. Some clients request a wide range of kinks and or fetishes to be catered to sending me a list of more than 6-8 different things and in order to cater to each specific request with the upmost effort more time will be needed.
  • How can I participate in a video call session while keeping my camera off?
    You can keep your camera off and type to me during a video call if you wish to do so.
  • What’s the average age group of your clients?
    This may surprise you. Around 60-70% of my clients are from the ages of 18-26years old.
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